We were recently featured in the "Worth A Listen" section of the latest edition of "Scriptorium Magazine #30" with a lengthy interview for your reading pleasure. If you value physical media with an old school touch, be sure to order this moment in our history and show them some support!!! 

Thank you for having us be apart of your magazine!!! You can grab your copy at http://www.scriptoriummagazine.com/shop 


We're proud to finally announce our next run in 2024;  The "EXTERMINATION TO DOMINATION" tour. Once again we hit the road with our friends in Cordyceps, accompanied by fellow New Standard Elite labelmates in Ecchymosis and Epicardiectomy. We kick this off beginning with Los Angeles Extermination Fest and concluding in Haltom City, TX for Texas Domination Fest. Mark this one off on your calendar and catch us at one of the dates below, we hope to see you there!!!


Sept. 20-21 - Bricks Rock Bar - Los Angeles Extermination - Los Angeles, CA 

Sept. 22 - Sinwave - Las Vegas, NV

Sept. 23 - House of Bards - Tucson, AZ 

Sept. 24 - Juggernaut Music - Gallup, NM 

Sept. 25 - Jerry's Bar and Grill - Wichita, KS

Sept. 26-28 - Haltom Theater - Texas Domination Fest - Haltom City, TX 

Flyer by Meryl Martinez


The time has finally come! Let's welcome the new addition behind the skins - Jason McLean!!! We are looking forward to what the future holds and we're excited to have him on the team. This is only the beginning.... keep your eyes open for explosive news, there's more to come!


VULNIFICUS and GLDCHN.Studios have partnered together to bring the debut of our lyric video for "THE INTERNECINE INCARNATION". Watch the video at the top of our page and blast away!!! 

Remember, the next time you will see us live at Texas Domination Fest where we will play INEXTRICABLE and many more! Tickets are now on sale and available at the link below!

---> TDF TIX  <---


2023 brought us to new heights by finally playing out live. Now it's time for us to go even further in 2024 by announcing that we are being invited to the first edition of Texas Domination Fest and the third annual Gulfcoast Deathfest 3. Tickets can be purchased for the 2 day event at the link below. See you there!

---> GCDF 3 TIX  <---


Catching up with our friend Alex Ditton of Underground Noise Webzine & Nightmare Crypt to talk about our latest EP "INEXTRICABLE", vocal techniques and....what's the best death metal breakdown???

Check out the interview below!!!!


The "BACTERIAL BETRAYAL TOUR" is complete. It's been an honor and a dream sharing the stage with Cordyceps every night for our first tour and we'd like to thank them and all of our new and old friends for their continued support. Our 4 way split with Horror Terror, Corpse Profanation and Ubruxum - Four Dimensions of Death -  finally in stock and you can get most of our merch and music at reduced prices for the remainder of the year. We really appreciate all of you who came out and supported us on our first tour. We hope to see more of you in 2024!!! 


The new era of VULNIFICUS is here. You can now hear our latest EP "INEXTRICABLE" courtesy of SLAM WORLDWIDE. 

Today marks the second year since this band was created and we're ready to celebrate our birth with you on the BACTERIAL BETRAYAL TOUR, beginning November 4th. Check the dates above and see if you can make it. For those unable to, you can purchase merch items from our website. We really appreciate it and thank you all for the support. We hope to see you on the road! 


Pre orders are available now!!!

All combos orders (CD + Shirt) are with free shipping! You can now stream our single "Intrinsic Inclination" via our Bandcamp page and watch our video on our YouTube channel. Please help us on our upcoming tour next month by picking up a copy and spreading the word of our music! It means a lot to us now more than ever.



The official exclusive music playthrough video on our YouTube channel for "INTRINSIC INCLINATION" is now available for viewing!!! Like, share, subscribe and spread the word. You will be able to hear this track on our channel only so check the video above and let us know how you like the tune!


We will be releasing a single exclusive music playthrough video on our official YouTube channel for "INTRINSIC INCLINATION" premiering on Sept 22 at 10AM EST!!! Like, share, subscribe and spread the word. You will be able to hear this track on our channel only, so tune in!



We are thrilled to announce our first tour ever for this Fall with our friends in CORDYCEPS in support of our upcoming EP. Come check us out in a town near you! The dates are below.....thank you to everyone for the continued support!


11/04 - Denver, CO @ Trailside Saloon

11/05 - Phoenix, AZ @ Chaos Emporium

11/06 - Tucson, AZ @ The Rock 

11/07 - San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar

11/08 - Los Angeles, CA @ Mi Ranchito Bar

11/09 - Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar & Billiards

11/10 - Atascadero, CA @ Dark Nectar

11/11 - Nevada City, CA @ Ribald Brewing


"INEXTRICABLE" will be coming November 3 via New Standard Elite. We are excited to reveal the cover artwork and track listing with you. As always, physical copies will be limited so make sure to get one while it's available. On this recording, Evan Daniele makes his debut in this bands history on drums. 


01. Intrinsic Inclination (3:44) 

02. The Internecine Incarnation (3:38) 


E. Browne - Vocals, Lyrics

J. Parker - Guitar

E. Daniele - Guitar, Bass, Drums

Cover Artwork by Pileworm Guttural Art

Pre orders will be available to purchase here along with more news to follow. If you'd like to support us please visit our merch page to represent!!!


It is official. We are excited to let you know that our third EP titled "INEXTRICABLE" is complete!!!

A new era is on the horizon for VULNIFICUS. We have completed new music for a FALL 2023 release and we hope to be touring and destroying stages with some VERY brutal and exciting bands for this!!!

Further details on new music and more will be revealed, so make sure to follow us!!!

We extend our gratitude to New Standard Elite who continue to give immense support and the fans who have been patient. We hope to see you soon!!! True old school brutal death metal is back!!!!!!


Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Mike Jones of Utter Scorn and Lost to the Void as our new bass player. A few words from our new guitarist...

Mike - "I am absolutely thrilled to be joining VULNIFICUS! I've been a fan of this band essentially since day one, so to be asked to play bass for them is a huge honor. I'm excited to play these songs and also make new music to add to their already formidable catalog of brutality. And I can't wait to hit the stage with them and bring this sickness to the entire world."

We are beyond excited to showcase our new music and play in a town near you soon!


All of us have been hard at work bringing you something evil and brutal.  It's been a long tumultuous journey, but we are pleased to announce that EP #3 is complete. All instruments and vocals have been mixed, mastered and will available for your ears this Fall with additional news coming with it. Our debut album is written and in pre production. 9 tracks and 35 minutes of soul crushing brutality.  Big things aren't coming, big things are here!!!

We hope you enjoy what's to come...

Support the band!

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